A Fine Art Photography Gallery

Since 2004, the only fine art photography gallery in Scranton PA

  • Janine P. ~ Great Show! Loved the color and B&W work together. (Trio)
  • Bob L. ~ Thank you to the directors of the gallery for hosting another awesome show. Keep it up. (Trio)
  • Linette W. ~ Beautiful work. (Trio)
  • Dan & Donna C. ~ Beautiful Work...They all tell a story. (Building 1)
  • Peter H. ~ Really great stories with interesting juxtapositions and contrasts of different residents and their living situations. Very effective and timely. (Building 1)
  • Julie P. ~ Loved it! Want to meet all these people! (Building 1)
  • Alex W. ~ Really fantastic composition! Captures PA perfectly. (The Pennsylvania Project)
  • Nick S. ~ I could write forever about how great this exhibition is...Keep it Up! (The Pennsylvania Project)
  • Steph V. ~ Gorgeous! I fell in love! (Redefining Nature)
  • Sara K. ~ Beautiful & Bewildering. (Redefining Nature)