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Redefining Nature Photography – Shane McGeehan


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Shane McGeehan ~ Redefining Nature Photography

Artist’s Biography

Shane McGeehan is an artist currently living in Waverly, Pennsylvania. He has an MFA from The Ohio State University with a focus in photography, digital art, performance, and installation. Shane earned his BFA from Syracuse University in computer art while also spending a semester studying at the Rhode Island School of Design as a visiting student in photography.

Shane is always questioning what photography is, how it can be redefined, and where is fits into the art world today. Although the camera is his main tool, he has been known to utilize a plethora of image capture methods including flatbed scanners, large format film, microscope optics, makeshift lenses, and even a collection of vintage cameras. When Shane is not working in his studio he enjoys arguing about art, hiking, crafting, painting, tutoring, dancing, listening to vinyl, and cooking butternut squash.

Artist Statement

I climbed a mountain in Vermont, made a photograph at the top, but it was empty. Sure, it held beauty and awe but the image didn’t capture what it felt like to be me, on top of that mountain, at that time in my life. I had realized that I am more interested in ideas and feelings rather than crisp and flawless exposures.

The artist Duane Michals once said “We’re not our eyeballs, we’re our mind.” He continues by explaining how art should deal with all of the human condition, and most photographs are only meant to please. I want my brain to be stimulated in a gallery, not just my eyes. I don’t want to be comforted, I want to be confronted. I want to feel it all: pain, humor, bewilderment. I want old memories dug up.

Such thoughts have been guide my urge to explore human nature through the manipulation of nature. In this work I am returning to straight photography, however by altering the scene I am creating some sort of open ended tension and confusion left for the viewer to deal with themselves. Similar to abstract painting, I look at each photograph as a visual poem that is to be deciphered and experienced on a personal level. I am redefining “Nature Photography”.


The show opened on Friday, July 7th with an artists reception from 6 pm – 8:15 pm and ran until August 30, 2017.

Building 1 – Photography by Susan Rosenberg-Jones

Calvo Family

Hallway Toys 77

Vinette 7

Building 1

Photography by Susan Rosenberg Jones

Since 1984, I have lived in Independence Plaza, a residential complex of three 39-story apartment buildings, with attached townhouses. It is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of downtown Manhattan.

Independence Plaza was built in the mid 1970’s as luxury rental housing. It was converted to state subsidized middle-income housing and remained as such until 2004, when a new landlord purchased the complex and removed the state subsidies. Some long-term tenants left, but many remained. Long time tenants were allowed to stay with stabilized rents, thanks to a strong tenants association. New tenants moved in and are paying market rates, for newly refurbished apartments. Each apartment is modernized when the original tenant leaves.

Tribeca has changed over the years and is now considered one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, with housing prices to match. Independence Plaza remains as a bastion of diversity within a community.

I live on the 39th floor of  “Building 1” – the northernmost of the three 39 story towers. With this series, I  photograph my neighbors, original and long term residents, in their apartments. What does it mean to be at home in your multi unit community, your neighborhood, your city?

The Camerawork Gallery is located in the lower level of Marquis Art and Frame at 515 Center St. Scranton, PA.

Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. 570-344-3313

For more information, please contact Lori Ryan. 1-570-352-2605