Aegean Streets

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Aegean Streets – Photographs by David Elliot

Aegean Streets

Photographs by David Elliot

Artist’s Statement:

Greece: sea, air, light—
everything reduced to essentials.
Time thinned out, whisked away,
hard Greek sun bleaching
everything,even rocks.

Since 2010 I have visited the group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea called the Cyclades several times. Drawn by the strong clear light and intense blue skies, I find the rugged landscapes, with the sea visible from almost everywhere, endlessly fascinating and inspiring to both my photography and poetry. But increasingly it has been the architecture that focuses my gaze.

Walking the mazy streets—
whitewashed walls, stairs,
windows ajar, breezes
blowing long white curtains into the blue.
Squinting at the sea shimmering
in the mist, no line between water and sky.
A thousand slices of time in the camera.

Typically the streets are narrow, without cars, twisting and turning like a maze (which they in fact were meant to be as defense against pirates) in rapidly changing perspectives. The whitewashed vernacular architecture of the towns and villages with their simple clean shapes, the play of light and shadow, led me to almost abstract, minimal images, often reduced to just a few lines, straight or curved, not unlike a haiku.

These Cycladic streets
so many shades of white—
a new moon

The show will open on Friday, March 3rd with an artists reception from 6 pm – 8:15 pm and will run until March 31, 2017.